Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

Do Rats Or Mice Keep Entering Your Home? Solve Your Rodent Problem Here

by Norah Slieker

If rats or mice keep invading your clean and organized home, take action now. Your house doesn't need to be dirty or unorganized for rodents to enter it. Under the right circumstances, rodents can take advantage of even the cleanest buildings. Learn why rats and mice enter clean and organized homes and how you can solve your rodent problem below.

Why Do Rodents Invade Clean Buildings?

If your home stays immaculate, clean, and well-organized throughout the year, you may not expect to find mice or rats inside it. But if you do experience a rodent problem, you may wonder if your home is as immaculate, clean, and well-organized as you may think. As long as rodents can find food, water, and a way into your home, they'll invade it. 

Rodents can chew through a variety of materials to enter your home, including rotting wood, crumbling cinderblock, and aging aluminum. Rodents are also physically able to squeeze through quarter-sized holes and other openings to invade your roof, crawl space, or attic. If rodents smell any food or water inside your home, they'll return repeatedly to obtain it. 

If you keep cake, bread, and other baked or sweetened goods on your kitchen counters or inside your pantry and cabinets, store the items in sealed or airtight glass containers immediately. Place cereal, flour, meal, and oat-based items in thick plastic containers as well. If you follow these steps, you can prevent rodents from venturing into your kitchen for something to eat. 

Also, keep your sink cabinets, bathtubs, and floors free of water. Rodents need water to survive and will take advantage of any water source to do so. If necessary, fix or repair any broken faucets and pipes in your home right away.

Finally, contact a pest control contractor and have them rodent-proof your home.

How Do You Remove and Keep Rodents Out?

A pest control contractor can rodent-proof your home by doing the following things:

  • sealing and covering every crack, hole, or access point in your home
  • placing rodent traps or one-way collection boxes on your roof and inside your crawl space and attic 
  • applying rodent repellent and other control methods around the home

A contractor may also schedule your home for regular pest control visits. The visits help ensure rats and mice stay out of your home throughout the year. 

Contact a professional in your area to learn more about rodent treatments


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