Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

Mitigating Your Historic Home's Termite Threat

by Norah Slieker

Historic homes have unique architecture and rich character but are also vulnerable to various damages. In particular, termite problems are especially problematic for these buildings.

Understand The Unique Challenges of Termite Control in Historic Homes

Historic homes are often more susceptible to termite infestations than newer homes due to the materials used in their construction. In particular, these structures may be built almost entirely out of wood, leaving many surfaces for termites to target. The old wood in these structures may also be much softer than newer wood, making it a more appealing target for termites. Due to these threats, a homeowner should be vigilant about these pests because it is far easier to treat a termite problem when it is still relatively new.

Strategies for Preserving the Integrity of Historic Building Materials During Termite Treatment

When treating a historic home for termites, it is important to preserve the original materials used in the building. Unfortunately, some termite treatments can damage or degrade these materials. However, several effective ways to protect historic properties against termite damage exist. If an infestation is ongoing, using heat treatments is one solution. This process involves heating the home's interior to a high enough temperature to neutralize termites. It must remain at this temperature for up to multiple days, but it can eliminate the termites and their eggs while sparing the property from further damage.

The Role of Moisture Control in Termite Prevention for Historic Homes

Poor ventilation and moisture issues can make a historic home susceptible to termite problems. The presence of moist conditions may cause the wood in the house to become soft. In extreme cases, some wood may even decay due to years of condensation and mold exposure. Termites are drawn toward decaying wood, which may make your home more of a target. If your historic home has these issues, taking steps to improve the moisture control of the area is essential. Additionally, a comprehensive termite inspection is needed to determine whether these pests are present.

How to Protect Antique Furniture and Other Wooden Objects from Termites

Many historic homes will have antique furniture or other old wooden objects and surfaces. While individuals may assume that termites only target the structural components of a building, they may also damage furniture and other wood surfaces. Periodically inspecting these items for signs of termite activity can help protect these parts of your home. If you notice termites targeting these items, urgent treatment is needed because the infestation may be rather severe.

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