Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

Own An Apartment Building And Have A Cockroach Problem? Tips To Take Care Of This Problem

by Norah Slieker

If you own an apartment building and you have tenants telling you they are seeing cockroaches, you need to take care of this problem quickly. If you do not, the roaches will spread and can eventually take over the building. Keep reading for two tips on what you can do. 

Contact Pest Control

The first thing you should do is contact a pest control company. This will ensure your roach problem is taken care of. Having roaches can cause a lot of problems not only inside people's apartments but if you need to show an apartment to a potential renter, they may see the roaches. 

The pest control company will determine where the roaches are getting in. They are more than likely only on the bottom level of your apartment. This is because they must have access to water and love moist environments which they can get from sewer pipes, inside basements, and drains. 

Roaches can cause your renters to become sick as they transport microorganisms, such as bacteria, which can affect people that have upper respiratory problems, such as asthma. Cockroaches can also contaminate food in the apartments which may make people sick.  

The pest control company may use a gel bait insecticide to kill the roaches. They will put small dots of the gel in different areas of the apartments. Some gels are placed on small cardboard cards to attract cockroaches. They eat the gel, and they will then die. The contractor will ensure the gel is placed in areas where children and/or pets cannot get it.

Prepare for The Visit 

Have a meeting and talk to your renters about how they must prepare for the pest control contractor. The pest control company can give you a list of things they must do. This will include cleaning the home, such as vacuuming, mopping kitchen and bathroom flooring, and more.

Remove all food sources from countertops and cover open foods. If the renters have children, they should cover their toys. Clean up all clutter and keep the apartments clean until the pest control contractor arrives. This involves wiping down countertops and sweeping the floors each night before bed. 

The pest control company can give you many tips on preventing future roach problems. This includes taking care of all plumbing leaks, sealing holes, gaps, and cracks in walls, around pipes, and more. Check each drain to ensure the mesh fits tight so roaches cannot get inside to get to moisture. 

For more information, contact a local pest control company. 


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