Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

Removing Squirrels From Your Interior Living Space

by Norah Slieker

If you have suspected or have seen squirrels inside of your home, having them removed as soon as you possibly can is of the utmost importance so your structure does not suffer from damage. In addition, the removal of these creatures is necessary to keep them away from people and pets living in the home. Here are steps to take to remove and keep squirrels out of your abode.

Contact An Animal Removal Service

Most people will turn to a removal service to get squirrels out of their homes. You can try to trap squirrels on your own, however, there is a possibility that you will not capture every single one living inside your house. If one happens to avoid trapping mechanisms, there is the potential for it to give birth, leading to an even bigger problem. If there are baby squirrels in your home, and you only trap adults, these animals will not be cared for properly. Call an animal removal service in your area to conduct an assessment of your home's interior space for signs of squirrels. They will then use humane methods to trap squirrels so they can be relocated afterward.  

Check For Points Of Entry

You need to locate areas that squirrels are using to gain entry to your home so they can be repaired as needed. If squirrels are harbored in your attic or in between the walls of your home, there is likely a hole located in your siding panels or at the rooftop level. Check the perimeter of your home for signs of cracked or peeling siding pieces and patch them with caulk or replace them with new panels. If you are unable to get up to your roof on your own, contact a roofing service to evaluate the condition of your shingles and the area around chimneys and vents for damage so it can be repaired.

Make Your Home Less Attractive To Squirrels

Squirrels will stay in areas where there is food for them to eat when needed. If you have fruit or nut-bearing plants, be sure to harvest growth as soon as it is noticed so squirrels cannot eat it themselves. Trim back branches away from your home so squirrels do not have an easy way to get on the roof, porch, or deck. Do not put food for birds outdoors if you have noticed an abundance of squirrels upon your property.


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