Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

Are Mice Driving You From Your Garage? Smart Tips For Discouraging These Disgusting Pests

by Norah Slieker

Finding mice nests, droppings, and the damage they cause in the garage can be nearly as upsetting as finding this type of pest activity in your home. Unfortunately mice often settle into garage life even more easily than they do homes, using the safely and security offered within to grow their population very quickly. Homeowners who are tired of dealing with mice in their garage can use these tips to help get rid of mice and prevent more from seeking shelter there in the future. 

Change habits to reduce access and attraction

Mice are quick to take advantage of any beneficial situation they find. Homeowners who have developed habits that provide mice with easy access or an attraction to their garage spaces may have helped to bring mice into their garage. Some bad habits that homeowners should learn to avoid to help discourage mice from garage spaces include:

  • leaving doors open, instead of closing them promptly after entering or leaving the garage
  • leaving bowls of pet food and water available in the garage
  • leaving bags of pet food, bird seed, or other easily accessible food products available

Homeowners who must store pet food or other bagged feeds in their garages can deter mice by investing in metal trash cans with tightly fitting lids. While determined mice can eventually chew through plastic trash cans and bins, well-constructed metal cans and bins that are kept tightly lidded will prevent them from smelling food or being able to chew through and access it. 

Additionally, homeowners can also help to discourage mice activity in their garage by removing tempting bedding locations, such as upholstered furnishings and open boxes of papers, clothing, or other soft materials. 

Consider installing a cat

Nature has provided an excellent mice reduction tool in the form of the domestic cat. If the garage space can provide suitable shelter, homeowners may want to consider adopting a cat and installing it in their garage, complete with a cat box or a small pet-door to the outside, food and water, and a warm bedding area. Even cats who do not consume the mice they kill usually actively enjoy hunting for and dispatching a surprisingly large number of mice over their lifetime. 

Contact a pest professional

Homeowners who make these changes and do not see a reduction in mice activity in their garage or those who cannot keep a cat can still get good results by contacting a reputable pest professional control and removal expert in their area. 

For more information, contact a company like Alliance Pest Management, Inc.


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