Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

Four Ways to Handle Termites That Keep Coming Back

by Norah Slieker

If your home suffers from termites that just keep coming back, you aren't alone. Termites can be difficult pests to get rid of completely, but the right treatment methods, consistent care, and awareness can help you keep problems to a minimum much more effectively.

Know what Kind of Termite You're Fighting

There are multiple kinds of termites, each with different ways of accessing your home. The most common type of termite is the subterranean termite, which create colonies underground and enter homes from below. Another type, the drywood termite, locates food sources while flying, and then sheds their wings to create a colony. The most rarely seen termites are dampwood termites, which live in any wood that is constantly moist.

This can affect how you go about treating your infestation. Using termiticide in soil is a great way to block off and kill subterranean termites, but may be less effective against termites that can enter your house from above. For this type of termite, a gas tent may be more effective. Treatments can also include different kinds of baits and repellants, so make sure you know what you're up against to most effectively get rid of them.

Treat Your Whole House

If you only spot termite damage here and there, it can be tempting to spot treat only the affected areas. While this can kill any termites in the wood and save it from future damage, you may only be treating a symptom of a larger problem.

If you have an infestation that just won't seem to go away, it's likely that it could all be from the same colony. If smaller attempts at treatment haven't worked, getting your whole house treated with a gas tent, or getting termiticide treatment for all the soil surrounding your house, may be the way to go. It's pricier up front, but well worth the treatments' effectiveness.

Take Advantage of Warranties or Treatment Plans

In many cases, exterminators will offer a warranty or treatment plan when they come out to exterminate your termites. These usually include benefits like additional visits at no additional cost to touch up prior treatments, or regular preventative treatments throughout the year for a flat annual fee. This could be a better option for you financially, as it beats paying for individual exterminations every time you spot new termites. What's more, they can be more effective; after an extermination is complete, it can be much easier to maintain a repellant than to constantly seek out new damage.

Make sure to ask how you can do your part to make preventative treatment work best. For example, if an exterminator uses termiticide in your soil, take care not to do much digging or moving of soil, as this can break the protective barrier around your home.

Keep Your Yard Clear

Sometimes termites may be attracted to your home because they were already in the area. Termites like wood and dark and damp areas, so wood or compost heaps near your house may attract them. Mulch used in gardens can also provide attractive shelter. They may already be in dead trees or tree stumps, or even piles of leaves or debris that haven't been touched in a while. With this in mind, you can create a protective barrier around your house by removing anything that might tempt wandering termites to set up a new home.

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