Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

Common Signs Termites Might Be Invading Your Family's Home

by Norah Slieker

In many places within the United States, termites are one of the biggest pest control problems homeowners must contend with. While honey bees or rodents are pests that aren't fun to have around your home, termites actually pose a serious danger to the structural integrity of your house. Termites eat the cellulose fibers in wood and your home looks like a massive buffet for termites looking for places to start new colonies. 

Since termites eat the structural wood within your home where you can't easily see it, you need to be aware of the signs that signal an infestation problem. To this end, here are the three most common signs your home has termite issues:

Sign of Infestation: Finding Swarmers or Dropped Wings in Your House

While it may come as a surprise to you, termites form swarms in the spring very similar to those of honey bees. Termite colonies send out individuals with long wings known as swarmers. The swarmers fly around on your property until they find areas with an ample food source. Once they find an area with lots of cellulose available for a new colony to consume, they land on the ground, drop off their wings, and look for female termites to mate with to form a new colony.

When you find swarmer termites or their wings inside of your home or near its foundation, then this is a big sign your home may have an infestation and needs a professional termite inspection.

Sign of Infestation: Mud Tubes are Found In or Under Your Home

As termites move out of the ground and into your home, they create special tunnels known as mud tubes. These tunnels provide safe passage for the worker termites as they eat their way through your home. If you do not know what mud tubes look like, do a quick internet search and familiarize yourself with how they look. If you ever see these structures anywhere, then you need to call a pest control professional.

What to Do if You See Any of the Above Signs

In conclusion, if you see either of the above common signs of a termite infestation in or near your family's home, it is imperative you have a pest control professional come out and perform a termite inspection. While most people equate these inspections with home sales, they are also necessary for those who live in areas where termites are a common pest problem.

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