Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

How To Treat Termite Infestation In Your Yard

by Norah Slieker

Termite infestation does not always start on a building. A mature termite colony holds from 200,000 to 2,000,000.These critters can infest your yard. They survive on moisture and water depending on the type of termite. Termites also like to nest in wood and live below ground.

However, it is important to not ignore this problem. You do not want the critters to spread to your house. Read on to find out how to treat termite infestation in your yard.

Call A Termite Exterminator

An exterminator can come to your home to treat your property. When you choose a reputable pest control company, the business is licensed by the Department of Agriculture or another government agency. Pest control companies hire technicians that must go through training. They also have access to video online training and reading materials. It tells them what to do if a problem occurs on the job.

Exterminators have to use specialized equipment as well. This equipment may include masonry drills, pumps, large capacity tanks and soil treatment rods. Some companies even use chemicals like liquid pesticide. Liquid pesticide is used for treating termites. It is injected in certain areas like the ground along your foundation, beneath the concrete slab and your foundation walls.

Remove Old Wood

You should remove any wood items that would attract termites. These items include cut up tree parts, wood piles and other lumber parts. If you have old wood lying around, then the termites will infest it. The critters will even invade trees in your yard. You should also remove the infested wood from your property. Removing the wood stops the termites from spreading to other parts of the yard and your house.

Lay Out Bait Stations

A bait station is another treatment method. It uses a piece of paper, cardboard or other material that contains a lethal insecticide. You have to put bait stations within a structure for it to work. This structure can be a foundation wall, tree stump or you can bury it underground.

A bait station works slows to give the termite enough time to return to the colony. The termite has to swallow the bait. It can get your termites under control and completely destroy the critter's colony.

Curb appeal makes your home valuable and attract visitors. Unfortunately, termites can completely destroy tour landscape. It helps to catch the infestation early to prevent this problem from becoming expensive. Contact a company, like Econo-Way Exterminating, for more help.


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