Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

How Commercial Bird Netting Keeps Bothersome Birds From Roosting In Your Warehouse

by Norah Slieker

Pigeons and other birds can become big problems around your warehouse. When a large group decides to infest the building, they leave behind a mess that can be a health hazard. Birds are drawn to large, open warehouses because they are convenient places to roost and find shelter. However, you don't want their droppings on your inventory and you don't want your crew exposed to diseases and parasites the birds might spread. Commercial bird netting could be the best way to keep birds out of your warehouse. Here's why.

Bird Netting Keeps Birds From Roosting

The netting forms a physical barrier that keeps birds from landing on pipes and other roosting places inside your building. As long as the netting is professionally installed so there are no gaps or holes, then the birds can't get past it. When the birds can't land, they fly back out in search of a better place to roost. You may need to cover your entire ceiling in bird netting if it is crisscrossed with pipes, joists, or rafters.

Bird Netting Can Be Opened With Zippers

Bird netting is fairly light so it can be mounted with thin cable wires attached to walls. Pieces of the netting are then attached to each other and the cables with hog rings. The rings effectively close gaps to keep birds out even if you have to join several pieces together. The netting is pulled tight so it is nearly invisible once it is in place. However, having netting on your ceiling doesn't keep you from reaching a pipe or other material in an emergency.

The netting can be cut easily with scissors. If there is a valve or something else you think you'll need to reach on the other side of the net, you can even install a zipper. The zipper is attached with hog rings wherever you want it and then it is unzipped and the mesh cut away from the inside. This keeps the netting sealed when the zipper is closed, but you can open it when you need to reach the other side.

Bird Nets End Costly Damage From Bird Droppings

When you have many birds gathered together for a long time, their droppings can do extensive damage to the rafters and other parts of your building. Not only that, the birds and their droppings create a foul odor and pose a health hazard. The birds are also annoying to your crew. By denying the birds a place to roost comfortably, you'll keep them from lingering inside your warehouse. A bird might fly in occasionally, but it won't settle in and attract other birds. Bird netting is a humane way to deal with bothersome birds that doesn't harm them at all, but keeps them out of your warehouse.


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