Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

How To Get Rid Of Bats

by Norah Slieker

Bats serve a purpose in our world, but while they may do good outside, they won't do much good inside your home. They'll cause damage to your home if they find their way inside and can give rabies to your family pets, if bitten. Bats can be quite a nuisance and need to be removed from your home before they colonize and begin nesting. See below for tips and instructions on how to get rid of bats.

Find Their Entrance

Find the entrance point by keeping an eye on your home at dusk. Bats are nocturnal and will come out at dusk to look for food. If you see them flying above your home, keep an eye on where they are flying out of. Wait until the following morning to do an inspection of your home and carefully look for any holes where you spotted the bats. Bats are small and can fit into the smallest of holes, even as small as 3/8".

Create A Temporary Block

When you find the hole, use netting or some other type of blocker to prevent the bats from coming back inside. Remove the netting or other blocking device to allow any other bats that may still be in your home to escape the next night. Repeat this for a few days until you are sure all of the bats are gone.

Fill The Holes

When you believe you have gotten rid of the bat(s) from your home, replace the temporary block with a permanent block. Make repairs to the hole in your home to prevent bats from coming back inside your home. Remember again that bats can get into small holes, so make repairs to all of the holes you spot.

Clean Up The Area

If the bats were in your walls or your attic, or elsewhere in your home, you need to clean up the feces and other debris left behind. The "leftovers" can attract cockroaches, so it's important to clean up your home as best as possible. Be sure to wear gloves, old clothing and protective eye-wear when cleaning up after bats. You need to bleach and sanitize the area.

Bats should not be messed with or handled by yourself, as they can carry disease. Don't attempt to catch or trap a bat. If you have a lot of bats in your home, call a professional bat removal specialist for help before these bats take over your home.


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