Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

4 Ways To Prepare Your Garage For Mice Removal & Extermination

by Norah Slieker

Whether the garage is a separate entry point or attached to your home, it is often an easy access area for small rodents like mice. When mice have invaded your garage, this can lead them to invading the home and creating a large nuisance. While mice control companies have the ability to remove the rodents, you can take extra steps to prevent them from entering your garage again. By preparing your garage before the appointment, you can deter the arrival of more mice and keep your garage set up for multiple years. There are four steps you can take. A number of them can be done on your own or with the help of a professional pest control worker.

Garage Doors

One of the easiest entry points for vehicles at your home is the largest entry point for mice as well. Mice can easily squeeze under a small door gap and seek shelter in your garage. Mice have the ability to squeeze into gaps that are as small as 1/4 inch. One of the best ways to prevent this is with a garage door compression seal. A compression seal can be attached to the bottom of the door or be attached to the garage floor where the door closes down. Also known as a weather shield, the devices can be purchased with a number of different materials. This includes aluminum, rubber, or vinyl seals.

Each seal will close off the gap and prevent mice from easily entering your garage. During a full inspection, a pest control worker will examine the door for any additional gap or area prone to mice entry. For example, if the bottom of your garage door has any cracks or holes in it, a pest control worker will cover up the area to block rodent entry.

Home Entry Doors

The regular doors that connect your garage to your home or to outside can become easy access points for mice. Just like regular garage doors, mice can squeeze their way through small cracks and easily enter. One of the best methods for stopping the mice entry is with a door brush strip. Thick pieces of polypropylene bristles block the entry of mice and close off the bottom gap on the door.

As a pest control worker examines the doors, they can check the bottom for gnawing, scratches, or oily marks that occur when the mice rub up against it. Small repairs can be made to these parts of the door to prevent the attraction and entry of additional mice.

Garage Clutter

The garage may be a great place to store items, but a lot of clutter can act as an attractant for mice. They love crawling through boxes, clothes, and garbage bags filled with items. Keeping clutter away from walls is a great way to prevent mice from entering or living in the garage. A pest control worker can examine these areas for mice droppings. If any are found, they can properly clean the area and eliminate other things like nests or chewed out areas.

Cluttered areas pressed against walls may be located next to other small entry points. Wire mesh can be used to block off these areas. Copper mesh is hard for mice to dig or scratch through. Blocking off any gaps or areas will help deter the mice away from your home.

Animal Foods

Garages are also common areas to hold and store pet foods, bird seeds, and other food items. These foods may be produced for different animals, but they are often an attractant for mice. The garage can still be used as a food storage area, but everything should be properly contained to limit the presence of mice. Look towards the bottom of any food bags or containers. If you see small bite marks or scratches, then you likely have some sort of rodent getting into the food.

Use a secure bin to hold the food items. When not gathering food, the bin should be tightly shut with handle locks to prevent mice from going inside.

During an initial inspection, a pest control worker can examine your garage to point out any of the weak areas and help you make changes while eliminating the current presence of mice and rodents.

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