Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

Three Common Bathroom Pests You Might Need To Banish

by Norah Slieker

Although most every area of your home is ultimately vulnerable to pest infestations, your bathroom can attract some unique ones. The bathroom is an ideal environment for most insects and pests because it is typically dark and there's a lot of moisture. Although you may think that the bugs you're finding in the bathroom have come in through the drains, chances are good that most of them are still coming in through cracks or holes (like those around your pipes). Here are a few common pests that may settle in your bathroom and tips for evicting them.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a disturbing sight in your bathroom, though you are likely to find them in places like the sink or the shower. They are destructive pests that will damage the wood in your house to make nests. In fact, the mess they leave behind can make it tough to tell them from termites sometimes. But carpenter ants are always seeking moisture, which is why you'll frequently find them hiding out in the bathroom. After all, sinks and tubs are usually wet, and if your sink or bathtub faucet drip, that's even more inviting.

Carpenter ants can be tough to get rid of because you have to trace them back to their nest in order to properly treat for them. In most cases, you'll find that it is easiest to work with a pest control company to help you get rid of them because these professionals are trained to find them at their source and get rid of them. After all, most pest control specialists understand insect behavior well enough to be able to narrow down likely locations for the nest. That simplifies the treatment process, increasing your chances of success.


Centipedes are harder to spot because they aren't as common in the daylight. But if you see a fast-moving pest scurry across the floor when you get up for a late-night bathroom trip, it may be one of these critters. You'll be able to distinguish them by their brownish or rust-colored bodies and the many legs that their bodies have. While you may not be thrilled to share your home with these types of insects, one of their most common food sources is spiders, which keeps the population of those at bay in the house.

The best way to keep centipedes out, though, is to keep the bathroom as dry as possible and to consider a nightlight for some added light at night. Make sure to deal with any cracks in the foundation as well as any gaps along the exterior walls and your pipes. That helps to reduce their access to the house.


Silverfish are another common bathroom pest, though they may not be as worrisome as some of the insects you might find. After all, silverfish aren't destructive, nor do they carry diseases like cockroaches and similar pests do. The sight of these creatures in the bathroom can be bothersome, though. These insects look a bit like a fish with two antennae on their heads. The body can be bluish-silver or brown in color.

To deal with a silverfish infestation, you'll need to eliminate the moisture that's drawing them in. Put a dehumidifier in the bathroom, and address any drips or pipe leaks. Add light in the bathroom at night, whether it is a soft vanity light or a nightlight. Toe-kick lighting is great as well because it casts light near the floor, where they are likely to hang out. The more light you put in the bathroom, the less inviting the space will be.

No matter what you're finding in your bathroom, a pest control specialist can help you get rid of them. Sometimes you need to have a specialist help you narrow down where they're coming in to be able to put a stop to them.


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