Learning About Natural Pest Control

Learning About Natural Pest Control

5 Ways To Keep Pest Surprises Away On Christmas Morning

by Norah Slieker

The thrill of opening presents and handing out gifts on Christmas morning can often be ruined with an extra surprise that no one expected. Do not let a variety of Christmas pests put a hamper on your morning celebration. By properly preparing and getting help from professionals, you can ensure that your Christmas morning is filled with wonderful memories instead of pests that provide far worse experiences than a lump of coal.

Chimney Inspection

One of the main entry points for large pests in your home is through the chimney. Along with Santa Claus, birds, raccoon, bats, and mice can find their way through your chimney. By booking an inspection with a pest control company, such as Cavanaugh's Professional Termite & Pest Services, pests can be removed and deterred from your home.

Pest control professionals can also work to prevent pests from returning on Christmas day. This includes chimney screens, chimney caps, and a small damper on the inside that can block out pests from entering the home. Additional deterrents include predatory animal urine that can be sprayed near the top of the chimney. This will help keep pests like raccoon and mice away from your home.

Christmas Boxes

New Christmas presents mean that you will likely have a lot of empty boxes placed around the home. Cardboard boxes can attract insects like cockroaches and spiders that are seeking shelter. Cockroaches are also known to eat through cardboard, creating an additional attractant. Larger pests like mice and rats may use the cardboard as a place for nesting and warmth.

As boxes are opened up or unpacked, you should break them down as much as possible. If there's room, place the boxes outside the home, preferably in a closed recycling bin. Keep them out of main living areas in your home like bedrooms or living rooms. Check the recycling or town dump hours around Christmas to plan accordingly and get rid of as many boxes as possible.

Christmas Cookies

Baking up a fresh batch of Christmas cookies is a great Christmas eve tradition, but you only want to feed good ol' Saint Nick rather than some thieving pests looking for a Christmas treat of their own. As cookies are placed out for Santa, ensure that there are no crumbs or pieces that have fallen on the ground. This can attract a variety of pests, including mice and ants. This can attract more ants into your home and create possible problems all winter long.

Vacuum the floor area around the cookies to eliminate the crumbs. It's also a good idea to cover up the cookies with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. This will help prevent spreading of scents around the living room or kitchen.

Christmas Tree Pests

Bringing a real Christmas tree into your home brings a lot more than just a fresh pine smell. It's inevitable that your living Christmas tree likely has some real life pests living on it. The best method for controlling these pests are simply by leaving them on the tree and removing the tree shortly after Christmas.

If you do locate bigger pests like spiders, then you can use a vacuum to suck them up. Avoid using any type of pesticide or bug spray, because it is flammable and not recommended for indoor use. One of the smaller insects that may be hard to remove are ticks. Ticks living on the trees will love the heat of your home. Not only can they get off and try to bite into your skin, but they can easily attach to pets in your home that come close to the tree. If there is a large nest or invasion of ticks, then remove the tree to an outdoor area until a pest control professional can help take care of the situation.

Christmas Lights & Decorations

During the cold winter, bugs and pests are often attracted to the warmth provided by holiday lights. Tree lights, window lights, and other Christmas decorations can all create enough heat to attract bugs. It's a good idea to set light timers or unplug the lights shortly before bed.

During the day, you can dust lights, vacuum webs, and clean them off to deter pests from locating there. Replace older traditional bulbs with newer LED lights that do not generate as much heat. This is a great way to keep extra pests away.

By following these preventative measures, you can fully enjoy your Christmas day without the inclusion of extra holiday guests.


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